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Supply Chain


The selection of the right project partners is crucial and gives us a commercial advantage; consequently the exact mix of our supply chain is a closely guarded secret. Without the experience, support and value that these businesses add to our offer we can show no differentiation.

Being able to identify and allocate appropriate levels of resource for a given project is key;a structured approach to procurement plays a big part in our success. It all relates to having the correct tools for the job, and knowing how to use them!

Our dedicated purchasing team is responsible for negotiating and agreeing national framework accounts that provide best available rates for the benefit of all our clients both large and small. Further, our warehousing facility allows us to control the logistics of site deliveries and provides a consolidation function to ensure materials and equipment are in the right place at the right timeā€¦

Selection of project partners is not done by cost alone. We seek to work collaboratively towards a common goal for the benefit of all. By understanding what a business can and can not achieve in terms of quality, identifying likely resource issues, monitoring end quality together with a can do attitude and clear communication all add to end result.

By working with like-minded businesses we have built a number of relationships that span many years based on trust and communication to the point where we have a competent and experienced supply chain at our disposal.