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Our retail experience started in 1994 with the high profile fit out of Virgin Megastore on London’s Oxford Street, a relationship that continued through to their subsequent demise in 2007. Subsequently our pursuits have taken us to all corners of the UK and further afield including projects for retained clients in Paris, Liege, Brussels and Milan to name but a few…

Our involvement is typically direct with the end user retailer, some of our strongest customer relationships,  seeking a space from which to retail their product although we have undertaken projects for Landlords and Developers.

The majority of our work is undertaken as a preferred partner on a framework agreement across multiple projects. Our experience spans a myriad of offers – department stores, fashion, homewares, electrical & telecoms, banking, sports, toys…

Today, the retail industry is facing increasing pressure and has to adapt. Historically focus was simply on local service, local customers and local competition. Now, retailers are operating in a fast moving, global market place that is evolving so quickly that many are struggling to keep up.

Consumers continue to demand products quicker, cheaper and with as little inconvenience to them as possible.

By simply enhancing the customer experience we believe that bricks and mortar stores can compete with their low cost online rivals with immediacy to product and personal experience that their rivals simply can’t deliver.

Our retail projects are all about creating the right look and feel for your retail brand that is key to operational success – durability, sustainability and desirability all have to be considered.  Retail is heavily dependent on consumer spending and as such stores have to be modified or ranges adjusted to suit the local demographic.

These projects are some of our most challenging not because of the complexity of design but the associated logistics of working on some of our high streets, the short timescales allowed and meticulous attention to detail, and more recently works being undertaken in business as usual live trading environments!