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Visualisation, design and the associated setting out are the lifeblood of any traditional shop-fitting contractor.

As constructors we can add most value if we can get an early involvement in the design process by working with the concept 
team to advise on materials and processes. By so doing we deliver
 a solution that respects the original design but also, crucially, meets the client’s requirements for budget, durability and operational usage.

Our ability to interpret client requirements, create designs, and develop construction details, co-ordinate associated trade drawings and material interfaces and to use this information to construct a project from grass roots is a true skill. Not content with ‘just doing’ we go further and consider the method of manufacture and the material costs involved in providing the best value solution.

Using the latest CAD software we are able to produce accurate drawings to the appropriate scale and further enhance production with cutting lists, door and equipment schedules.

Bridgford’s CAD team is integral to the successful delivery of our projects. Our team competency is based on experience of site practice, ‘hands on’ trade backgrounds, undertaking risk assessments, compliance with building regulations together with H&S and Environmental training.

With involvement from the feasibility stage of any project we are capable of providing: